19 August 2006

oh, usb cable, where art thou?

I finally sat down for a minute to write about some of the crafting, touring, and oh-so-fine eating we've been doing with our folks here, but I can't find my camera cable anywhere. Either I left it at work or the gremlins have stashed it away in a hidey-hole. Drat.

So here instead is a picture I took the other weekend in Greenwood Cemetery—one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. It's peaceful and beautiful and has some of the best views of Manhattan from one of its hilltops. You'd think it would be spooky, but instead it's just a wonderfully quiet respite from the busy, blaring city that surrounds it.

Mom has been spoiling us rotten with shopping excursions to the garment district and the Strand. There are kimonos in progress as well as a new addition to Dolly's wardrobe. And my Mom brought me a boxload of old notions and other super cool stuff. All of which I would show you if my brain were slightly less scattered and/or my camera cable were present. Ah, well. I'll share more when the cable decides to grace me with its presence.

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hannah said...

those gremlins! they got my cable in the spring and i had to order a new one, grr! i hope they dont have yours! so glad you are having a good time with your mom, i mean especially if there is spoiling rotten going on. nice.