31 March 2011

duvet cover

I finished the duvet cover! It's pieced from a mixture of solid linens and cotton prints from my stash. I had originally intended for the neutral fabrics to be more dominant, but I was not very careful with my math while cutting out pieces, so I ended up with more of the accent colors than I meant to include. That's ok. This duvet is very much inspired by one I saw in Lotta Jansdotter's book, Handmade Living.

My process was pretty simple. I wanted it to all be very random, so I cut all my fabric into 7" strips, then cut those strips into rectangles of varying sizes. I sewed all my rectangles into one very long strip, which I then cut into the 80" long strips I would need to accommodate my queen-sized duvet. I then cut the strips the long way into varying widths. Then I sewed all my strips back together. I hope that makes sense. I used an old, very soft organic cotton sheet that I scavenged from the linen closet for the back side of the duvet cover.

You are probably wondering why our bed is in front of a door. Excellent question. We actually have two doors in our bedroom (four if you count the bathroom and closet doors), plus one window in a rather small bedroom. I love our cozy little bedroom but it does make the furniture-arranging a bit tricky. We eventually decided that the bed was best situated as you see above, even though it blocks the door that connects this bedroom to the bedroom next door, which is my craft room. I've been trying to brainstorm an interesting way to hang art on this wall that would integrate the door somewhat and make it appear less odd. If anyone has any ideas, do speak up. :)

I also recently re-covered the headboard I made several years ago. I had this soft striped linen that has been sitting in my stash for years. I love it when a fabric finally finds its destiny. This linen was obviously waiting patiently for me to realize it would make a perfect headboard.

Scout seems to like the new set-up. After almost two years of living together, we two humans + two dogs have finally come to a sleeping arrangement that seems to suit all parties. An unspoken rule that no more than two bodies fit in one bed seems understood by both canines and humans. So, when both Matt and I are in the bed, the dogs sleep on their own dogbeds. If, however, they spy an unoccupied side of the bed, they will jump up and snuggle in next to the remaining human. And there really is nothing more peaceful than having a warm, contented dog sighing happily into sleep next to you.

I wasn't always a dogs-allowed-in-the-bed person, but I am fully converted now. I really do wish they would learn to wipe their own feet when they come in the house though. That would be GREAT.


mjb said...

I love it! Really great. Our problem with duvet covers is that the dog will undoubtedly come in covered in ticks or mud or something, we have to take it off to wash it, and somehow he claims it as his own bed before it's covering our comforter again. He generally agrees that there's no room for him on our double bed unless it's really cold outside, in which case he has no problem trying to kick one of us off or sleeping on top of someone's legs.

amy h said...

Love the duvet -- it's so hard to find nice ones that don't cost a fortune! Handmade is even better.

I recently put up a curtain wall in my basement to hide a not-so-nice wall behind the couch. It might work in your room to hide the door. Here's a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/18521728@N00/5532347684/

jess @ fushmush said...

so pretty. Love it!

Becky said...

I love them both! I am highly jealous of the headboard...

Happy birthday, by the way! :)

(no - I'm not a crazy stalker - I just remember that you and your twin were born on my birthday... so it's easy to remember.)

julieree said...

Thanks everyone!

Amy, I had not thought of that but it's a great idea! I saw your beautiful curtain on your blog, looks so great! My mom also suggested hanging some kind of fabric panel over the door/wall. This might just work. :)

Becky, thank you so much! Happy birthday to you too!!!