06 March 2011

three wees

Twin and I made three softies from Hillary's book. I've made several of her patterns before and the patterns in her new book are every bit as awesome as the stand-alones. Everything is very well-explained and there is a great variety of projects in the book--including some more classically-styled toys like the teddy bear.

I sewed the bear and I love him so much. This is one of those projects where I look at him and I think "I can't believe I made that." His cute little belly paunch kills me.

His button joints are very cool--they are fully posable and really help him sit up straight. I'd never used a doll needle before, but it wasn't hard to attach the limbs in this way.

Twin made the storybook doll as a gift for her boyfriend's 5-year old niece. She has grosgrain ribbon hair and a freaking awesome outfit.

And a very sweet face.

The 5-year old niece has a brand new little brother so we also made a little red monster for the baby. There was some discussion about whether this is a dinosaur or a monster. I think he's a monster. Regardless, he has awesome green spikes.

We had such a good time sewing these up. We also made homemade fettucine (so delicious and surprisingly not that hard!), watched some Downton Abbey (it's streaming now on Netflix--woot!), and ate a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough. It was great.


house on hill road said...

hillary knows her stuff.
your wees are fantastic. i do love that doll's outfit!

Sara said...

love them all! i have a special place in my heart for cute monsters - your little guy reminds me of a friendlier brother of the japanese Domo character. Maybe he's a hippy zen domo. He needs a little red Cabriolet or VW bus I think :)

Mrs. Penot said...

that ribbon hair is the BOMB! <3