13 March 2011

summer handbags

I'm funny about handbags--I pretty much just alternate between two bags that I've had for about five years. I'll use one for about 6 months, then switch to the other one. Six months later I switch back to the first bag. This seems to be enough variety for me, since I like my two handbags very much.

But last week I got it into my head that I wanted a petite bag for summer that would be cheerful and easy to carry. Just big enough for my wallet, moleskine, keys, and maybe a paperback book. I based my design off of a bag I made a few years ago as a gift for my friend Suzanne. I scaled it down a bit, but kept the nice pleat detail. I also gave it nice long handles so that it hangs comfortably from my shoulder.

I lined the bags with batting to give them body but still keep them soft. At the last minute I decided to add lines of quilting across the top panel, then I added a pretty wooden button. I bought a dozen of these buttons on our last trip to NYC and I have been waiting for the perfect project to use them.

I sewed up the first bag in one evening, then decided I'd make a few more for the etsy shop. I'd forgotten why I stopped sewing for my etsy shop--making bags assembly-style is a wee bit time-consuming. But I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I hope there are a few other people who will enjoy these bags as much as I plan to this summer.

Check out the bags on etsy:
--Chambray with soft dotted print
--Chambray with blue and white floral
--Denim with yellow floral

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