18 September 2010

thanking twin

This spring my sister finished her graduate degree, which meant it was time for her to find a real job again. After a few months of suspense, she is now happily settled with a great job in a new town. I'm happy because she's only about a 2-hour drive, farther than I would like but certainly tolerable. Before she moved, I made this stationery set as a thank-you gift for all the help she gave me during the crazy wedding preparations.

I printed the cards with my gocco. Does anyone know if gocco screens go bad after time? Because I had a time of it making these. I've always had such great results with my gocco, but this time my image did not transfer well at all--they printed with what looked like a spatter of paint across the design. I think I wasted at least three screens trying to get these to print properly. It was rather frustrating.

Anyhoo, I finally got a tolerable print, and then I made a bunch of little stickers to go with the cards. I printed these on my inkjet printer, onto sticker paper. Then I punched them out with a 1" circle punch. Some of the stickers have her return address or her initials and the rest just have a little dahlia on them. The little tins fit so perfectly in the box, I was very excited. I have a ton of these tins in different sizes and I use them to hold little sewing notions like snaps and hook and eyes. I can't remember now where I found them, but if anyone would like to know I think I could figure it out if I tried.
I bought the cigar box at Michael's (the Angry Chicken put me onto these--she has made several gifts using these boxes). I lined the bottom and lid of the box with fabric for a splash of color. I just cut a thin piece of cardboard to the right size then wrapped the fabric around and glued it on with ModPodge. I also used ModPodge to attach the fabric into the box. I painted a simple little dahlia on the top of the box. Lots of red for my beloved Twin. xoxo


Bobbi said...

That is so cute!!! What a lucky sister. :)

Jennie said...

how do I love my stationery set? let me count the ways! it's red! it's beautiful! it's handmade with love by my sister!

--lucky sister