04 September 2010

crafty wedding projects

For the party Saturday, we strung fabric garland all around the house and fence. I picked up about five or six vintage sheets from the thrift shop, and Twin helped me cut a bazillion triangles, which she then sewed onto 1/2" seam binding. We just stapled them up all around the house.

I made a sign out of some old picket fencing that we had taken down in the spring.

Twin also helped me make hand fans for the party. I ordered the wooden paddles online (they look exactly like the paint stirrers you get at the home improvement store when you buy paint), and we sandwiched the stick between two layers of thick paper.

On the back of the fans, we covered the paper with different vintage fabrics. We also varied the images on the front of the fan, using all the different icon pairings from the invitations.

The fans definitely came in handy, as it was a bit hot the day of the wedding.

We had wanted an old-school photo booth, but it turned out to be too pricey. So we got creative and instead had a makeshift photo booth using Polaroid's Pogo camera, which is a digital camera that prints images on smallish stickers. We rigged up a large piece of fabric as a backdrop for the photos, then asked folks to take pictures of themselves and leave us a note.


Courtney said...

beautiful, all of it! and the desserts on the previous post- yum!

Geeky Geekerson said...

You've had such an amazing wedding and your ideas were so creative and inspiring, Julie. Just gorgeous! Have a happy marriage and have a lot of fun with the husband unit.