12 September 2010

dark gray

As nice as all the paint colors were in this house when we moved in, we have, of course, decided we needed to repaint almost every room. We can't help it, we're first-time homeowners. We have lived too long in beige apartments. The previous owners of this house must have had an affinity for warm colors like mustard yellows and salmon pinks. They were not bad colors (except maybe the coral pink sunroom), but not what I would have chosen.
The dining room used to be about the same color as a Band-Aid. After this weekend, it is a deep gray. I love it. The big windows keep the room bright and cheery, and the white trim is such a nice contrast.
My parents bought us this beautiful hoosier cabinet as a wedding gift. It has a flour sifter to one side and a tin bread drawer below. I painted it yellow which did not go with the Band-Aid walls, so we decided to go with gray. It's called Mushroom, and it's from Martha Stewart's paint line at Home Depot. We hadn't used this paint before, but were really happy with it. Went on very smooth, and covered well.

I think Abby likes it too.

We've had the most gorgeous weekend here. Not really fall-like, yet. But not hotter than Hades. Really very delightful. Hope you've had a lovely weekend where you are too.


Valerie said...

I love it! I repainted when I bought my house. For some reason the previous owner also had an affinity for yellow, and orange, and pink...not a great combination!

house on hill road said...

i paint every room in a new house, too. in fact, in this house, we are still working on some rooms, but others have been painted twice! i love the gray - it's very pretty.

Connie said...

I love the grey. It is very warm and welcoming.