19 September 2007

need some stationery?

It's the SALE OF THE CENTURY*. This is an event that is NOT TO BE MISSED.

Okay, not really. But I have SLASHED PRICES on all the cards in my etsy shop. I have a hankering for some new wall art and so I filled up my etsy shopping cart with lovely things that could be mine. But then I realized that my poor little PayPal account has only $11.01 in it. That will do little to sate my handmadegoodslust.

All card sets that were $10 are now HALF PRICE. Just $5. No joke, dudes. So you'd better get over there and ACT FAST. These fantastic prices just WON'T LAST.


Get the dotty Thank Yous, the lady dolls, the magnolia cards, or the dark blue starry cards.

*Some restrictions may apply. The person doing business under the various pseudonyms of Marmee, MK, Mama, Mumsy, and She Who Must Be Obeyed is hereby restricted from further purchase from the juliemarie etsy shop. Complaints will not be entertained from said person. Said person should petition the craftsperson and proprietress for unlimited free goods ad finitum; this privilege being her just and proper due as giver of life and supporter numero uno.


erin said...

more money in your paypal account now....

Marmee said...

But no, I won't have it, I say.
You can't stop me.
Must. Buy. Cards.

If you're lucky, I'll send you one of the thank-you notes after I receive my order.

Or I can just pick it up this weekend.

Yr marmee, filled with love and stubbornness.

Josh said...

look what i did.

i caught the bug.

thank you for the bday text. :)

Florence said...

Oh, what a very lovely sort of Mumsy! Lucky you.