27 September 2007

letter for my favorite peeps

Twin and I have two dear friends that we've known since high school, but who live far away in other states now. It is a friendship that effortlessly survives long lapses of time spent apart, and the many miles that separate us. I fully expect it to last decades more. I have come to value this friendship even more in recent years as I have come to the slow realization that adult life can be, well, a little lonely.

We're not very good correspondents, and none of us are great phone-talkers. Several years ago, we started a "chain letter." At first we wrote by email, taking turns writing in an attempt to keep each other up-to-date on our lives. About a year ago, we decided to begin using real mail. More fun to get a package in the mail. And three letters in one package from your three best friends is about as good as it gets.

We always include little goodies and pretty stationery. I used one of my new port2port cards for my letter. I added new decorations to the envelope (we re-use the envelope, each adding new decorations as she sends the letter on).

And check out my new stamps. I usually just get the boring flag stamps, but my Mom had brought me these super cool stamps for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. And then I was at the post office and I saw a sign for the Tiffany stamps. And then the Jimmy Stewart ones and the Disney ones. And I decided I just had to have them all. Who knows maybe I'll even become a philatelist (which is a word that sounds like it should be followed by an "excuse me").

The package is off to Texas (and I have been horribly slow with it this time--sorry guys!!) I think I will send it along its way with a row of Jimmy Stewarts. You can never have too much Jimmy Stewart.


erin said...

this is a fabulous idea! and really, you can't have too many jimmy stewarts.

casey said...

What a great idea for correspondence! I used to have quite a few pen pals, but alas that seems to have fallen by the wayside (ages ago... something about finishing the highschool grades and starting college/adult life... lol).

Goodness, I may have to get myself to the PO just for those Jimmy Stewart stamps. :D

Have a lovely weekend!

Abigail said...

Alright, now I'm inspired to bust out some pen and paper.

And Jimmy Stewart is pretty darn swell.

Kelli's Kaleidoscope said...

Woohoo! Maybe it will come in the mail today. I'm super excited!

paula said...

Wow, this is such a good idea. I sell cards to other people but rarely use them myself...must get over my fear of the post office.

Maybe I'll start by sending one of the ones I got from you. :)

amisha said...

what a fabulous way to keep real mail alive. i have such grand letter-writing intentions and in reality end up more with short notes... it's my resolution every year! i really love this chain idea amongst a group of friends. i am far far away from 2 dear buds and am going to propose this to them!

wendy said...

Lovely ideas you have here. it is really special getting letters in the post isn't it?. A few years ago we moved to Zimbabwe for 3 years and the phone did not get connected for 6 months, I used to practically jump on the postman when I spied him coming down the road. It didn't matter if people wrote simple or profound things it was wonderful to be connected.

Dacia said...

that looks like fun! i agree, adult life can be lonely. work just isnt the same as school!