23 September 2007

looks like autumn

Our Mom was here for a visit this weekend and we had a lovely time. I am absolutely stuffed. So is my fridge. She made us creamed chicken and biscuits, which is the ultimate comfort food. I was going to take a picture of it, but I thought you might be jealous. I also felt a great need to get it into my mouth as soon as possible. Besides eating, we shopped, went to see Stardust (charming, I thought), and generally had an all-around good time.

My flowerpots on the front stoop had gotten completely out of control. Healthy, certainly, but they had grown so big and sprawling it made getting in the front door a bit of a challenge. Mom helped me prune and trim, and we added in a few fall-hardy plants. She made the beautiful bouquet in the top pic with the cuttings.

I seem to be emerging from my craft slump thanks to some excellent reading. Joelle Hoverson's new book is gorgeous. I want to make every single project in it. And to help me crawl out of my rather embarrassing blogging slump, I am going to post every day this week. Probably just photos, but it's a start.

(And if you ordered cards last week, they're in the mail! Thanks to all who ordered!! There are a few sets left, if anyone is still interested.)


Alicia A. said...

Moms are the greatest, huh?

Looking forward to hearing (or seeing) from you this week!

sally said...

Hooray for lovely weekends with Mom. And I'm so happy we'll be hearing/seeing more of you this week!

Renna said...

The fall arrangement is GORGEOUS. Your mom is so very talented, and how fortunate for you that you inherited her 'talent' gene! :-)

erin said...

got my cards today - thanks! i got a sneak peek at joelle's book when i was in purl in august and i agree with you...so many good things to make in there. i can't wait to get my copy!

dana said...

i love the new book too. i am working on the chevron scarf to start.

aren't moms awesome? they just make everything so nice. no one else can do it quite as well!

Dinah said...

Creamed chicken and biscuits...mmmm
I wonder who enjoyed the weekend more - you and twin, or your Mom.
I'm sure your hearts were equally warmed by the weekend.
And your flowers have grown beautifully!

African Kelli said...

So pretty! This reminds me that I need to put out my fall gear. Lovely!

Marmee said...

Oh, I think the Mama had the best time.

Shopping and talking and reading and cooking and visiting and gardening and buying material for Christmas projects and borrowing a pile of books to read at home.

Riding around in Sparky replete with her new-car smell and listening to repartee from my girls and seeing all the new projects and improvements and listening to all the plans for future larks.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

amisha said...

time with mama sounds fantastic. and beautiful signs of fall... that bouquet! lovely.