15 September 2007

dum de dum

Taking it easy over here. Loving late summer. Loving the South. Not doing a lot of crafting, and consequently not blogging much either. (I have trouble blogging when I don't have projects to share. Probably because I rarely feel that my life, though I love it, is particularly interesting to outsiders.) But here's a quick summary of the last few weeks:

1. We spent a lovely weekend camping in the Blue Ridge with our dad. I love these mountains so much, and was happy to learn that the North Carolina part of the range is as beautiful as the Virginia part.

(My daddy has twinkling eyes, doesn't he?)

2. I've read some fantastic books. The great thing about having a novel-gobbling sister is that she weeds out the bad ones, and recommends the good ones. Some of my recent favorites have been The Countess Below Stairs, Mariana, The Morning Gift, Venetia, and Here Be Dragons (links to Twin's reviews).

3. Twin has instituted a new diet and fitness regimen. She is a slavedriver, I tell you. She wants me to eat fruit! And veggies! Like, more than once a day! eeep. We've been biking and walking. Playing tennis. It feels good.

4. Have I mentioned my love of professional tennis? I loved the US Open, though the final outcome was pretty predictable. My heart just about broke for my boy Andy, who played with his whole heart and still couldn't find a way to beat that Swiss machine.

Did anyone else notice this young man? Juan Martin Del Potro from Argentina. He seemed somewhat familiar, and then I realized where I'd seen him. He's a Kouros statue, of course, who came to life atop his marble pedestal, walked right out of the Met, and picked up a tennis racket. It really is a shame he decided to put on clothes. Alas.

5. Slowly crocheting the Shawl that Swallows Time. It is now scarf-sized, and I'm tempted to just stop here. But I will persevere, and I'm sure I will enjoy it when I am 80 years old, which is probably about the time I will finish it.

6. We got Twin's pinboard made and hung over her desk. I love the dark background and the strip of vibrant print.

Our long long drought was broken yesterday by a brief and furious thunderstorm, following by a long drizzly soak. Today the weather is fresh and cool, and makes me think autumn might actually be on its way.

A wonderful weekend to all!


Jen said...

Your dad looks so happy. It's fantastic that you three make time to go camping together.

And your shawl looks really pretty. I love the color. I predict you'll be done by 75 if you keep at it. Just how big is it supposed to be anyway?

abbyjane said...

Hello again. I always think your life is interesting.

Corvus said...

"It really is a shame he decided to put on clothes. Alas."

I second, third, and fourth this all at once, and from that picture alone. Yes.

erin said...

i just love thunderstorms! hope more rain comes your way.

twin's pinboard is great as is your shawl. the changing weather will have you crocheting faster than you think.

jessica said...

Thanks for posting your pictures. Your NC life looks slow and cozy. I love your shawl, is the pattern available online or from a book? I think I'd like to make one for my sister and from your pic it looks pretty simple..


Dinah said...

The picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains makes me want to go this weekend. Fall is in the air and the mountains are so nice in the fall. The pinboard looks great and so does the shawl. I couldn't help but laugh at your comment about using it at 80 yrs old, which is when you expect you'll finish it.I have 2 quilts I'm in the same boat on.

Dacia said...

sounds lovely!

molly said...

everything sounds so lovely. tennis is a big deal around here, too. my grandmother painstakingly fills out all the brackets during the us open. and my uncle used to date pam shriver back in the 80s. I can remember going with him to have her racquet restrung and being so in-awe that I was actually carrying her racquet.

that second picture is fantastic. one of those ones i'm sure you'll cherish for a long time.

amisha said...

hi there julie! everything sounds so wonderful and relaxing over there. i love that photo of your dad... twinkling eyes indeed! enjoy the rest of late summer/ beginning of fall... they really do seem to blend together in the south, don't they? one day basil + tomatoes, the next crisp air and turning leaves, then back again.