21 November 2006

wip and bye bye

Flying south as fast as a big ole jumbojet can take us. This colorful, possibly ill-conceived but nevertheless very cheerful project will be waiting for me when I return. For now, it's all about turkey and pie and hanging with my family.

A happy, homey, peaceful Thanksgiving to all. (or have a happy, homey, peaceful plain-old thursday, if you live elsewhere!)


Bettsi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Julie!

pip said...

as the lucky recipient of this particular iPod cozy (now made famous by your blog), i offer you these [hipster] haiku:

means nonchalant. how nice it
is to drink green tea.

iPod cozy is
iPod's best friend. thank you for
befriending iPod.

thank you, zemo.

erin said...

cute sweets...am anxious to see what you do with them!

sulu-design said...

Have a fabulous time down South... I may just bump into you!

hannah said...

i spy some fabric i know there! have a wonderful time at home and eat vulgar amounts of turkey. i know i am!

African Kelli said...

I hope it is a great trip!

connie said...

cheerful looking indeed!

i hope your holiday was splendid

Mary Ann said...

I am looking at your blog and I love your candy ornaments. Would youshar your pattern with me.
I would like to make some for my tree and home next Christmas