18 November 2006

i come by it honestly

My mom made these beautiful placemats and napkin rings a couple weeks back as a wedding gift. I absolutely love the way she used the ribbons to secure the napkin rings. And the china is a piece from the bride's wedding set (found here, if you'd like to know). My mom is an incredibly talented seamstress, as was her mother. When I was a kid mom used to sew clothes for us, but there was one Christmas that she made dresses for my sister and me and we absolutely hated them. I can't remember why on earth we hated them so much—and I cringe at the thought now—but we basically dissolved into temper tantrums when she tried to put us in them. After that she didn't make so many clothes for us. Which is sad and a shame and I want to beat up my little 5-year-old self and tell her to be nice to my mama and value those things which are made in love just for her. But all I can do now is say a belated thanks and my, those dresses were just beautiful. (They were red with embroidered smocking on the front, weren't they?) And thank you for the inspiration and the teaching and hey I'm going to be home in just a few days and I can chop all the onions and celery and apples and veggies and help you tie up the turkey's bottom.

And mom also did the flower arrangement in the photo. Yeah. I know, right?!


Marmee said...

Thanks for the props, sweetheart! And I'll take all the help I can get over T-giving.
Those Christmas dresses were raspberry baby corduroy, with ecru lace around the neckline. And the issue was that they didn't have WAISTLINES, so they were baby dresses. Not grown up enough for my girls.
I'm just glad you guys developed your own strong sense of taste -- and your own opinions. And very good taste and informed opinions they are.
We've got the light on for you -- hurry home!

sally said...

I can see where you got your wonderful creativity from...what a beautiful wedding present!

My sister and I were the recipient of many matching dresses so everyone thought we were twins growing up [even though she's 2 years older]. I'm sure your mother is happy that you now appreciate all the love that went into making those dresses for you and your sis.

Happy early Thanksgiving J.

sulu-design said...

So that's where you get it from... sounds like you have quite the talented mom. I love the fabric she chose for the place mats - I'm not usually a fan of floral patterns, but that one is adorable.

hannah said...

julie can i print this post out and hand it to collette and arlo to read when their seven year old selves are sick and tired of wearing stuff that mom made? i am sure it will make them appriciate it even more, right? have a wonderful time at home. thanksgiving is my favorite.

Marmee said...

Julie (bless her) bought the fabric for me at Purl Patchwork and found a great companion fabric for the back of the placemats, after Sara (my graphic designer who was the bride and recipient) picked the print out online.
It was the one lesson I learned from making those dresses: there is no such thing as a good surprise.
So I usually let people pick things out before I make them or buy them -- yes, there's no surprise, but I'm also sure that they're getting something they want. (It works the same way when you're working with clients.)

Bettsi said...

Hi Julie! Good for you for recognizing those moments now while your mother is still here inspiring you! Too often we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Your mommy is a gem and you are a gem too because you recognize her worth!

erin said...

isn't it amazing how some things just soak in without us realizing it? you have a great mom! i am hoping my girls pick a little something up from me.