08 November 2006

getting all organized

I am still learning to be a savvy apartment-dweller. I don't like clutter and I am quite an organized person. And while I might wish for the zen-like calm of a sparse minimalism, the fact remains that I have got a lot of stuff, and not a lot of space in which to put said stuff. It comes trickling out of closets, clutters up shelves, and generally intrudes on my sense of serenity. And so my relentless quest and endless love for containers:

Exhibit A: Trim box
From the Amy Butler pattern. It's got trim on it, see. I was also going to label it "trim," but then I realized that was unnecessary and redundant and also possibly silly.

I had started organizing the trim by color on the little cards, then stopped because I was planning on posting this for all the world to see, and I didn't want y'all to think I was completely nutters.

Exhibit B: Thread box
From the Container Store, the mecca of storage and one of my favorite places in NYC. Now it doesn't seem quite as nutty to arrange thread by color, which is good because I must confess that organizing spools of thread by color is one of my all-time favorite things to do.

Yeah, and that's pretty much all I've got so far in the way of exhibits. But as I said, this is a quest, and not one easily accomplished. All in good time. Having mastered the Amy Butler box pattern, I can see rows and rows of them in my future.

And lookie at my "studio" (aka the west wall of the living room/dining room). In the recent Massive Rearranging of the Apartment Fall 2006, whence we barely escaped with our wits or limbs intact, I somehow managed to acquire an extra bookcase for my crafting supplies. I didn't even have to pry it from Twin's grubby little paws. She actually volunteered it, nobly squeezing her library into one fewer bookshelf, that I may have a place to store my small but growing amount of sewing supplies. This is sisterly affection and sacrifice, no doubt about it.

And if you don't think I'm just a leeeeetle bit nutters after reading this, oh-ho-ho, just wait for it. There's lots more to organize around here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! That trim box is wonderful! Everything looks so pretty and tidy. If you like the look of minimalism, you can always cover your open bookcases with roller blinds. Everything will still be really accessible, but will look very clean. (I am coveting your organized sewing thread, BTW!)

erin said...

love the thread organizer!!! and the box is completely fabulous...Can't wait to see what other organizing ideas you come up with.

amy h said...

I like to organize by color, too. It doesn't always stay that way, but it looks nice while it lasts! I love the fabric box.

sally said...

Oh, I knew we were meant to be friends! Love your little trim + thread boxes. Just perfect!

African Kelli said...

Keep sharing! I too live in a wee spot and love the ideas! That box, btw, is fantastic.

Elizabeth said...

I could organize my junk all day, if I didn't have kids to tend to! And I just know they'd undo it the momment I had to use the bathroom.
The box is great, and a bunch of them would look great on those bookshelves!