28 October 2006

earrings, oh my!

Here are my gorgeous new earrings that arrived in the mail this week from sulu-design. Susan is one extremely cool jewelry designer, and a sweetie to boot. If you're local, she sells in some shops around here, and if you're not, well never fear, she has an etsy shop. Go on! check it out!

I am not much of a jewelry person, though someone asked me the other day if Julieree is a corruption of the word jewelry. Ummmm, no. It's just my name. The "ree" being a corruption of "Marie." Because that's my name, see. I never said I was clever.

I love these mother-of-pearl drops so much. And if you're braver than me, she has a similar pair with 3 drops in the shop. So pop to the shop for some drippier drops. (See? I just THINK I'm clever. It's a delusion that I'm happy to keep.)

And look what I did to my new Old Navy sweater. I covered up the logo with a little patch. Not that it's a bad logo; it's that cute little deer. It can't hold a candle to my most favorite logo ever, but it's not bad. I just find logos on clothing a little annoying.

So the question is: are you sick yet of the extreme Julie close-ups? There have been way too many of them this week. You're probably singing to yourself, "You're so-o vain. You probably think this blog is about you. Don't you? Don't you? Don't you?" So I will leave you with that song in your heads and promises of a self-portrait-less week next week. For now, I got a baby quilt to make. In a very short amount of time...

Happy weekend!


erin said...

ok, i've got carly simon stuck in my head - thanks! and good luck on the quilt - it'll be great, i'm sure!

sulu-design said...

Thanks so much for featuring the earrings. They look great with your haircut (the two drops are perfect for you). Cute logo cover-up, too! And hey, this blog IS about you, so don't you, don't you, don't you go knockin' your close ups. I'm lovin' them (as well as the cute creations that you've been sporting in your photos this week). I say, keep up the Julie images, and dress them in fabulous Built by Wendy designs! Enjoy your Sunday.

African Kelli said...

Love the earrings. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer either. My rule is one piece with a watch. Never more. And men + jewelry = gross.
And no, you cannot provide too many upclose shots. We love them!