16 October 2006


It was a wonderful, beautiful weekend with my pops and my sis. We went all the way to the tippy end of "the Island" to Montauk Point. That's Long Island, mind you. We camped at a great little campground right on the beach in Hither Hills State Park. We only half froze our little tooshies off.

We did everything on the list. Add to that climbing the lighthouse, going on 2 hikes, only getting lost on one of them, touring the Hamptons (top-drawer, very top-drawer, dahling), buying pumpkins and fresh-picked apples, and cursing those gosh-darned people who insist on using generators in the campground. It's camping, people. The whole point of going camping is to get AWAY from your tv.

More pix here.


Jennie said...

We only half froze our little tooshies off.

Yeah, I think I froze my whole tooshie off.

Mee hee.

sulu-design said...

These are amazing photos (especially nice since I don't experience the temperature that you endured while I'm viewing them). Hope the weekend gave you a satisfying break from this crazy city.

Dacia Ray said...

sounds wonderful!