23 April 2006

crochet to go

I've been crocheting a lot on the subway recently but have been frustrated because I can't keep all my supplies, yarn, and project organized and tidy while traveling. Also, I am paranoid about getting my work dirty. I have a neurotic sense that the subway is crawling with germs and putrescence. It probably is, but I generally try to maintain blissful ignorance of such things because thinking about them too much will only lead to increasingly irrational neuroses and then I am straight on my way to becoming a crotchety (ha!) old cat lady who can not leave her house. But rational or not, I feel a strong need to protect my work in transit. And, I like to be organized. So I started sewing.

I imagined a roll-up case that would protect the crochet project while organizing supplies. It ended up looking a little like a mini diaper changer. But in really cute prints. There were a few moments in the creative process when I was pretty sure the increasing complexity of all the pockets, pouches, and doodads that I wanted to add was outstripping my meager sewing skills. Jennie helped me with the planning and I did the sewing myself, only having to rip out a couple seams along the way.

I'm happy with the way it finally turned out. I'll be testing it on the subway tomorrow and I'm sure I'll come up with ways to improve it over time. I'm considering it a prototype. Mom, if I make you one, will you help me troubleshoot the design?


Jennie said...

We don't have any irrational neuroses! Only rational ones.:)

Marmee said...

Please may I have one?
The bag, I mean, not the neuroses. I have enough of my own.