19 April 2006

bits (no. 1)

In the fine tradition of referential bloggers, I will try my hand at offering up links I've found useful, interesting, or just plain cool. I'll call these "bits" and here's volume one:

I've ordered this stapleless stapler from cb2. (In one of those impressive-sounding statistics whose significance I can't really grasp due to my shortage of quantitative skills, treehugger reports that if we each used one less staple a day, it would save 120 tons of steel a year.) I am dubious about how securely the stapleless will bind paper...I'll let you know.

In case you hadn't heard, Martha Stewart Omnimedia is coming out with a new magazine, Blueprint. Difficult to tell how it will be different from MS Living, except that it's for a slightly younger demographic. Order a free preview and find out for yourself.

I love visiting Reprodepot. Funky fabrics—and not too expensive. I love the polka dots, this abstract print, rocket ships, and these flowers. They also have great buttons.

Shop Composition has one of the best Flash sites I've seen. The entire e-commerce experience is done (and more importantly, done very well) in Flash. And they also have some very cool stuff to buy.

A visual look at where your tax dollars go.

Definitive proof that there is such a thing as too much cute.

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