04 February 2011

birthday season

Between late January and mid-February, I get to celebrate birthdays for one husband, two mothers, one uncle, and one grandpa. It's a lovely bright spot in the winter.

Mom got coconut cake last weekend, and tonight I'm making a boston cream pie for Matt. During Mom's birthday celebration last year, Abby (who was still quite a puppy in behavior if not in size) managed to eat about half of the chocolate birthday cake. She reached up and craned her snout over the side of the kitchen counter, licking furiously until she had sculpted the cake down to one half its size. One frenzied internet search later, we realized that the only likely effect was an upset stomach. She's only done this a couple times, and she seems to resort to these bad behaviors only when the prize is extra tasty. She's quite a gourmand. She did the same thing to a log of goat cheese I had sitting out for a salad, and another time she licked all the whipped cream off the top of a trifle.

Scout (above) is much too dignified for such bad manners. She just gazes and sniffs longingly.

On to the boston cream pie. Which I will not set on the side of the counter. ;)


Marmee said...

The chocolate cake last year, which we abandoned to Abby in order to look at bridal gown options (can that really only be a year ago?) was a great cake. So was the coconut.

www.e3d.es said...

This won't really have effect, I think so.