07 October 2010

fall wreath

I saved a bunch of hydrangea blossoms from the wedding and hung them upside down in the attic. The blue ones didn't dry so well, but the enormous white ones dried beautifully. In fact they are just as beautiful dried as they were fresh I think. I pulled them all down from the attic this weekend and put together a new wreath for the front door.

I love the way it all looks rather fall-y, with the browns and whites and just a touch of green. It was very easy to put together, though some of the lovely, small brown leaves were very delicate and kept falling off the stems the moment I touched them.

I picked up the brown dried flower/seed pod things at Michaels. I went in thinking I would get fake berries for a bit of color, but dried flowers are expensive! Even the ones at Michaels. So I contented myself with the three brown flowers and thought that would be enough of an accent.

Here they are close-up. And those are the very delicate brown leaves which will probably be blowing away off my wreath very soon. I need to spray the whole thing with some kind of fixative (hairspray?) to help it last.

It has all of a sudden turned to autumn here. We've had some cold nights, and we've turned on the heat. Planning to decorate for Halloween this weekend. The pups and Matt have been enjoying the football. The dogs are rapt, can't you tell? To them it's just pack nap time, and they love it.


Connie said...

I love the wreath. And in the last picture, I see a Great Lakes Brewing Company Beer! One of the things I miss about Ohio is that beer. Can't get it in Boston.

Jennie said...

pretty! also, i like your new banner. :)

Christina said...

are the leaves in the back of the wreath magnolia leaves?

Love your wreath and working on making my own right now :)