24 March 2007

not quite sprung

Sometimes living in the city, it's hard to know what nature is doing beyond the concrete expanses where we pass most of our days. I was just sure that spring had sprung, and if I went to prospect park I would find ample evidence of it. You know, flowers. buds. bright green growth. As it turns out, not so much. Still brown and bare and wintry. Which has a beauty all its own, but I'm pretty much over it. When Twin and I spied the wee little honeysuckle flowers in the picture above, we stopped our walk, crowded around it, and just about gave it a standing ovation. Brave little flowers. (At least I think it's honeysuckle. Sure smelled like honeysuckle, though that is a smell I associate with a languid Virginia August, not a chilly New York March.)

People always say we wouldn't appreciate spring and summer as much if we didn't have winter to compare it to. I think that's a bunch of hooey. I think I could appreciate a perfect 80degree day every single day of the year.

Biscuits and creamed chicken should soothe my disappointment just about right, though. There's not much that biscuits and creamed chicken can't fix.

happy saturday friends.


erin said...

Your photos are beautiful even if you didn't find exactly what you were looking for.

Alicia A. said...

Not long now, sweet Julie. Not long.

Corvus said...

Having lived on an equatorial island that stuck at 85 year round, I must say: you're damn right. The "need winter for comparison" thing is hooey.

sulu-design said...

Enough of this gloom in NYC, right? WE better get one heck of a spring and summer out of this year for putting up with this everlasting winter. Prospect Park looks fabulous in your photos, though.

Marmee said...

Yup, winter honeysuckle -- we always had a bush growing next to the newspaper office door -- and it would bloom even on my birthday, which was a treat since it's in late January.

Not long now for spring -- the redbud is starting in Virginia now.

Love the movie -- and hope the chicken and biscuits hit the spot.

shari said...

your photos are really lovely julie. honeysuckle is one of my favorite smells. i think a local restaurant will be making their honeysuckle sorbet in a few months! enjoy the chicken and biscutis.

amisha said...

beautiful new york photos, julie... it's coming... so soon! i was thinking about that issue of appreciation this week... whether or not floridians appreciate what we have in the fall + spring because we don't have a 'winter' as such. i am inclined to think that we do because of the mind-bendingly intense summer, but like you, i could live in spring year-round... i wonder if it would be weird after awhile? would we be spoiled and bored by paradise? :)
p.s. honeysuckle in nyc march? i had no idea!