18 December 2006

snowy village

Twin and I, like many others, were mightily inspired by Martha's graham cracker gingerbread houses. And though Martha may have presented it as a kiddie project, it entertained two (mostly grown-up) twins greatly this weekend. We might have gotten a little carried away.

We built a whole village. We weren't too concerned with making it tasty, as we had no plans to eat it. Aesthetics and construction were our foremost considerations. Let us take you on a little tour:

The Little Big Red Cottage has a gummy roof and gum drop chimney. Jennie built this one and its little curly shingles kill me.

The Mayor's house is rightly the most imposing in the village. Twizzler beams and a chocolate wafer porch. It is truly a non-pareil. Jennie wants to live here, though I doubt her mayoral abilities. Like all houses in our village, it has a resident snowman.

Next to the lake is Necco Wafer House. It's made of sesame seed thingies and during construction Jennie had serious doubts about it. I maintain that it is charming.

Across the lil footbridge is Coffee Bean Cabin. We both agree that the coffee beans were a stroke of genius. (my stroke, I am not too humble to add.) The chocolate-wafer chimney and chocolate-pretzel fence are nice touches too. Also note that snowmen in our village wear non-pareil hats.

Next we have Those Neighbors. You know, I'm sure you have some neighbors like this too. They're the ones who are slightly odd ducks. They find their gumball stylishness in great good taste, and who are we to question that? However their starlite mint door has started oozing from an unexpected and unseemly chemical reaction with the coconut snow.

Every snowy village needs a little igloo. Ours has a starlite mint divan inside.

The Starlite Manor is suffering greatly from the aforementioned chemical reaction but still looks quite fine. A fine upstanding house. The only graham cracker one on the block. Take that, Martha.

The huge mess we made with all this sticky, sugary goodness was in direct proportion to how much fun we had.


Mrs. Fabrice Penot said...

ok- can i just come over one weekend and stay over the whole weekend and craft with you two? it would be the most fun ever! please! please!!!

connie said...

what's really amazing is that surrounded by so much sugar, you didn't binge out on it. if that were me, i would have eated half of my ingredients, been all sugar-high shakey and got only 1 house done.

you show great willpower ;)

hannah said...

no you didnt...

BH said...

Greetings Ladies,

Your Mom was showing me your structural masterpieces and I simply had to comment. We have dubbed you two the Bob Ross of Confectioners. "This gingerbread house needs a happy little friend and we just dab. We don't have mistakes, we have happy accidents. Necco wafers come in our palette of colors: Prussian Blue, Titanium White, Yellow ocre, Burnt Sienna. Until next time, happy baking and God Bless."

Seasoned Greetings

pip said...

i claim the coffee house. i will hold haiku contests there weekly. how appropriate for a coffee house.

how, may i ask, do you ever make it to work when there's so much fun lurking in your apartment? i keep my apartment nice and boring so that work, with its red wall, is quite exhilarating by contrast.

gingerbread village,
your snow is fatal to me.
still, coffee house rules.

African Kelli said...

Ah! The cuteness. And I can only imagine how much fun you two had putting these together. The coffee bean cabin stole my heart. Plus, if I lived there and ever needed a buzz, I could just lick the wall. How great would that be?

Bettsi said...

Oh what fun! Like being kids again! Good for you two! I have two boys at home that would love to clean all that up for you. Too bad we're on opposite sides of the country!

BMT said...


erin said...

you really did have fun! and the coffee bean idea was brilliant.

sulu-design said...

I love it! You two are no joke - I'd love to see the twins in action!

Sandy said...

Work of art! Great job. My children have made these at school, but not quite so professional :)

eloise said...

wow! that is impressive! you accomplished the formerly impossible task of outdoing martha!