14 December 2006

blog, meet maude. maude, meet blog.

I have a doppelganger. Her name is Maude. She's just like me, but hollow. And unlike certain other people in my life who look very much like me, Maude is nice and quiet, doesn't talk back, and doesn't raise her eyebrows or snort at my "ideas." Heck, Maude doesn't even have a head from which to snort, though it seems indelicate to point this out to her.

That lovely Santa Claus delivered Maude early as she is afraid of airplanes and sleighs, and thus preferred to arrive by FedEx. Maude is a Dritz MyDouble Deluxe. That's Deluxe, baby, as in 12, count them 12, adjustment dial wheels, adjustable back waist length, and those little topses of the legs so that I can one day, maybe, if I overcome my pants fears, actually make pants.

Twin has decided she's a little "creepy" and I confess it is startling to catch her out of the corner of your eye, lurking in the corner like an axe-murderer. But I expect we'll get used to our new roommate. We always did want to be triplets.

My dearest Santa, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Maude and I are going to have so much fun and sew all kinds of amazing things. Just you wait and see.


Jennie said...

Maude is nice and quiet, doesn't talk back, and doesn't raise her eyebrows or snort at my "ideas."

Hey, now! I only snort at your ideas when they're bad ones. :p

And Maude is creepy. She's going to come to life in the night and try to strangle me. (Oh, wait, she doesn't have arms.... She'll hurl her hard plastic body at my head and try to kill me that way.) She wants to take my place as first Twin.

hannah said...

cool and creepy.

sally said...

I think she would be creepier with a head.

Very cool Christmas present. Looks like someone knows you well.

melissa f. said...

i am drop dead jealous. drop dead, i tell you.

erin said...

green with envy here. green as in elf, leprechaun, wicked witch of the west green.

santa was good to you!

pip said...

i can't say i'm jealous, or green with envy... but i hope she brings you much joy (despite her(its?) lack of arms and the giant gaping hole in its (her?) chest.
i hope my mom buys me the bentley that's on my christmas list. how lovely that would be.

amy h said...

Hey there, Maude!

She'll be one handy roomie, even if she is a little creepy in the dark.

connie said...

haha... pants fears.

is it creepy to take a step back and look at something that is your measurements? like, the ultimate mirror. you can really now subjectivly say 'hm, my butt does look big in that'

Kelli said...

Oooh, good for you! Maude is fantastic!