01 May 2012

the veil

Early in the wedding planning, Jennie was undecided on whether or not she wanted to wear a veil. On the one hand, it seemed really formal and traditional but on the other, it's romantic and so very bridal. And, it's like a poofy dress--when else are you going to get the chance to wear one? 

I may or may not have made some unseemly comments in the bridal salon about the price of veils. This may be the greatest scam in the bridal industry. It's just tulle!! On a comb! Tulle on a comb! Sheesh. So I told Jennie I wanted to make her a most beautiful veil with lace trim and it would be exactly as she wanted.

Mom ordered the illusion netting from her favorite fabric store and got the beautiful maline lace edging online. Jennie and I experimented with the shape of the tulle until we liked the way it hung on her head. (We settled on a bullet shape, with the arc wider in the front than the back. I still don't understand exactly why this worked. But it did.) I was prepared to hand-sew the lace onto the tulle, but ended up being able to machine-sew it because we didn't mind the line of stitching at the border of the lace. And then I sewed it on a comb. Done!

It was pretty. She was gorgeous. Stunning, in fact.


mjb said...

I love these pictures of a Wren Chapel wedding! Amazingly, I've lived in williamsburg for 11 years and never attended one, although I played music outside the steps before-hand one time.

Dora said...

Agree, veils are hideously expensive! $250 for tulle on a comb? My mom made mine and nobody could tell that it wasn't store bought :)

Jennie said...

I loved my veil so much! It was exactly like I wanted -- sleek and simple with lace all around the edge (like princess Kate's except not cathedral length and not held on my head with a tiara!).

But, cherie, I'm pretty sure we ended up with the bullet shape with the narrower end in front. Remember, because we had it a perfect oval and then we trimmed off the corners in the front. Right? That way it fell evenly in front rather than having it shorter just under the face. :)

Julieree said...

Hmm. You might be right cherie. Although I thought the wider arc in front is what kept it parallel to the ground all across your front? It's all a blur! xoxo