24 April 2012

my first foray into maternity sewing

This is one of our dearest and oldest friends who is expecting a little boy in two weeks! Doesn't she look beautiful?! This is because: a) she's just an absolutely beautiful person inside and out, b) she's glowing with happiness, and c) she's totally rocking this bridesmaid dress I made for her!

Suzanne was nervous about finding a maternity dress for the wedding that would fit her 8-month baby bump and be both comfortable and pretty. My mom and I boldly offered to make her a dress, which I ended up making because Mom took on so many other projects (you think I try to DIY a lot of stuff, I can't hold a candle to my mom!) I was a wee bit nervous as I've never sewn anything maternity and am still learning my way around my serger. Overall it went well, though, and the only mini-crisis was about a week before the wedding when my serger cut a giant hole in the bodice. ACK. Luckily, it all worked out in the end and she really looked amazing.

We used Burda 7630 which was a fairly simple pattern to work with and Mom and Suzanne picked out a lovely gray jersey from Joann's. It draped beautifully and we knew it would be a comfortable choice. And although the pattern called for both a zipper and a skirt lining, I was able to leave both out thanks to the stretchy fabric.

I made a practice dress which Suzanne tried on a few weeks before the wedding. We made some adjustments to the bodice at that point (the lining of the bodice was strangely small and made the entire bust fit much too tightly, so in the final version I just cut two of the regular bodice pieces to use for both outside and lining). We also decided to make the dress floor-length to hide ankles and feet which are now, toward the end of her pregnancy, swelling uncomfortably by the end of the day. I think the longer length made it look so elegant!

Jennie let each of us bridesmaids pick any gray dress we liked, so we got to show a bit of our own style. The gray made us all look like bridesmaids and it all looked coherent, but we didn't look like crazy bridesmaid clones all in the same dress. I don't know why they do that to bridesmaids! No one likes to be a crazy bridesmaid clone!


Jennie said...

Beautiful Suzanne! I love the way her dress turned out -- she really did look amazing. That pattern is so elegant over the baby bump.

Marmee said...

What a beautiful dress! Thanks to you and Jennie who continue to rescue me! I especially admire evenness of the hem. You did a great job.

Julieree said...

Hee hee! Mama, I think that's one of my favorite memories from the wedding--you and me stitching away at the hem at midnight the night before the wedding! It didn't take long with two both working on it. :) xoxo

Emily said...

Beautiful and very flattering dress!

Shannon said...

When I was pregnant, I always found "maternity fashion" to be an oxymoron. Those last few weeks can be tough, but she looks so lovely! Excellent choice of fabric and design and the fit is perfect! Like you said, she is rockin that dress!!

I think your sister did everyone a huge favor by letting each of you choose your own dress. After 27 years, I still want to apologize to my dear girlfriends for making them wear those awful pink nylon dresses with dyed to match shoes (and matching jewelry too!)Sorry gals!

Congratulations to all of you!! I hope your mom is proud of the daughters she raised!

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