22 June 2011

squares within squares quilt

The baby quilt is fini, and sent off to Atlanta where it will help welcome a new little baby soon. Although it's for a baby boy, I didn't want it to be too "boy-y" so I went with a more gender-neutral yellow and turquoise color scheme. It's a mix of bold, bright patterns with a few more subtle ones, like the yellow stripe seersucker and the pale blue dot.

The square-within-a-square pattern was fun and quite simple to piece. I didn't realize until sewing all the strips together that because of the sashing there was not a single seam that had to be carefully lined up. Sweet! I had one stray block leftover, so I incorporated it into the back of the quilt.

I did a simple quilting pattern--just straight lines in one direction. I still don't trust my walking foot very much. I need to practice more.

Binding is always my favorite part of a quilt. (Is that weird? Am I the only one?) I love the actual task of binding by hand, and I love the look of the finished binding. A lovely way to finish a quilt project.

Sending wonderful happy thoughts for this new family of three!


lulabellesview said...

Very lovely quilt! The colors are so fresh and crisp and I love how you incorporated one of the squares into the back.

Hand sewing the binding is my favorite part too! There's something so calming and serene about the process.

Jennie said...

love it! that yellow print makes beautiful binding.

bloguay.com/mueblesmadrid838 said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your quilt. Do you have the pattern that you used? I'd love to make a similar quilt for my nephew.

Ina said...

This quilt is incredible and I would be thrilled if you could direct me to a pattern. Thank you in advance. Ina