27 April 2009

cottage for twins

Last week Twin sent me a great article from the campus newspaper about a pair of 94-year-old twins here in Chapel Hill who have been living together for 20 years, tending the beautiful garden around their cottage. Twin said to me, "This is the new plan!!" You see, we have a plan for our old age. In the unfortunate case that we both outlive our husbands, we planned to move to Florida together, learn to golf, and get really, really tan. We'd drive around in a little golf cart and do pool aerobics and that sort of thing. Occasionally we would let our children come visit us and we would go with them to Disney World.
But we were intrigued by the twins with the garden in Chapel Hill. So we went to visit. They have so many visitors to their garden that they put a sign up to welcome people.
The garden is truly beautiful. Tulips that are the biggest I've ever seen. Peonies just bursting from bud, and huge azaleas everywhere.
I decided I liked either the peonies or these wee little purple flowers best.
Twin preferred these white ones. (I'm afraid I don't know names...I do feel like I should know the name of these white ones.)
The backyard
and a sweet-smelling lilac.
So now Twin and I have a new plan. We will live together in a cottage and grow a beautiful garden. Instead of the golf cart, I'm thinking we'll have a scooter and sidecar. In red. We will measure the passing years with each spring flowering. And we'll still occasionally go visit Disney World.


Maura said...

Julie I'm so glad you guys found this house! There is a great childrens book about it written and illustrated by a local author called _The Garden Is Open_. You would like it!

Maura said...

here's the link:

The twins planned their garden and ordered seeds to fill it! They are cool women.

Misty said...

Wow, that garden is just gorgeous! I think that your plan sounds great. You could still have the golf cart but use it to drive around the yard pulling a small wagon behind with your gardening supplies. That's what my mom does. :)

abbyjane said...

See this is why I love your blog. Good twin stuff. A good sense of humor. An appreciation for life's beauty. Thanks!

Nettie said...

You and twin may have to fight me and my sister for this plan :D

They sound awesome!

sherri s. said...

I'm so glad you're back...I really enjoyed your blog and was sad when you went on hiatus. I knew there was a reason I didn't delete the bookmark! Darling pup, BTW

Jennie said...

YAY for the plan! And I like La Manosa's idea of having a golf cart and a scooter+sidecar. We will need to spoil ourselves in our old age.

Fabulous piccies!!



Francie Broadie said...

The wee purple/blue flowers are forget me nots. And the white ones favored by the twin are wild poppies. I love them both. And both were a surprise gift in my garden, as they traveled in on the transplants of other intended plants.