13 May 2007

mama and the grandmamas

Moms are great! Moms are good! Moms love you even when you are ungrateful, needy, full of attitude, just plain stupid, and/or annoyingly self-sufficient. Why? I don't know. Not being a mother, at times I can not comprehend the depth of a mama's patience. They're like glue, you know? Sticky. Holds us all together. For which I am incredibly grateful.

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mama and all you other mamas out there!


erin said...

thanks julie! i agree - moms are the best! love the clothes you and twin are wearing in the last picture.

vegasandvenice said...

You two are so adorable! This is a lovely mother's day sentiment. I agree that not being a mother can make it difficult to truly comprehend the scope of amazing things they do!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

sulu-design said...

I'm loving all of the Mother's Day posts that are going around because on so many of them, I get to see photos of bloggers' moms. So many mom photos have insanely strong resemblances to those of the blogger. And you, Julie, you are your mom!!!

Marmee said...

Shucks, Julie! Thanks for all the nice words.
The coats were made by your Gma Lamont -- pale blue featherweight corduroy with eyelet trim, pearl buttons, and little bonnets to match. She had so much fun sewing for you guys. I made the flowered dresses underneath -- they were your Easter outfits that year.

amisha said...

such beautiful photos of your mama + grandma!!
ps thank you so much for the offer of help... i will email you tonight :)

Jessica said...

you've been tagged~

please check out my blog for details.


molly said...

what a perfectly sweet post--and exactly right (about my own mom, of course...i'm still working on it!)

Anonymous said...

shameful. please give me something to read. thank you and good day.